Google Adwords and its comparision with SEO

Google Adwords

Adwords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – both offers the optimal targeting of traffic keywords. But when it
comes to internet marketing, both of them have views opposite to each other. Let’s know what SEO is and what
AdWords is.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is basically a digital marketing method which focuses on making the
content on your websites relevant to various search engines. SEO helps in the ranking of your website higher in the
search results in an organic manner. If SEO is implemented properly, then the website is optimized in terms of the
links, keywords, content, and all other aspects. As all these areas are optimized, search engines view the site as the
most relevant search result and your website comes in a primary spot on the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).
So basically, SEO is a process which can help in getting more traffic to your website by ranking the site higher on
queries which related to your business or product in the organic search results.
AdWords is an advertising platform by Google that helps you in positioning the advertisements on the right hand
side or top side of the search result pages on various affiliate websites and Google. It allows you to display your
offers every time any user looks for the similar product like yours by targeting the search queries of the internet
users. And when the user clicks on the advertisement, then the user reaches to the landing page of your site.
Alongside the organic search results, your business listings can be displayed by using AdWords when people look
for some specific keywords in Google. The search results which are displayed by this tool – Google AdWords are
also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) results as there is money you can earn on every click on your ads.
The best thing is if you use both AdWords and SEO so that you can keep your brand on top in the search results.
Even though you have higher and top ranks in the organic search results, still AdWords must be considered for
targeting the users who are not familiar to your brand.
● Google Adwords need lesser time than SEO but SEO can help in getting high ranks in a better way on keywords.
With the organic search results, there is no charge per click but ongoing work is important so that search
engine rankings can be sustained with SEO.
● Through SEO, there is no guarantee that your site will rank in search results but AdWords guarantees the
displaying of your business in the search results.
● Google Adwords is a rapid method for generating quality sales and leads. It runs of different types of websites who
have registered for Google Ads and the exposure that your site can have is much more whereas SEO targets
the high traffic keywords if mentioned in your website.
● If SEO is not been done, the website rankings decrease with time due to the regular updates in the Google
algorithm, while Google Adwords can pull instant traffic when the campaign starts and is very helpful for the
seasonal products and new websites.
There is no need to choose between the two as they both are very different but used for the same thing – increasing
traffic and sales. So, use both but in an appropriate manner.

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