Digital Marketing – need and benefits

Digital Marketing

The structural revolution in the 19th century witnessed the emergence of industries and factories on massive scale.With increase in produce it became necessary to make people acquainted with the new products coming in the market. Here is when marketing came into place.In simple terms marketing is raising the awareness about a particular products among people so that they are not only attracted towards the product but are also tempted to buy that product with passage of time,the need was felt that marketing was required not only for goods and products but also various services,concerts, events, conferences etc. However, the definition stated above is an old one and needs to be reformed for present scenario.Hence, marketing involved all efforts to create customers for the product and to maintain them permanently the main aim of marketing is to provide maximum satisfaction to consumers. Out of the many forms of marketing.The one which is gaining immense popularity is digital Marketing.
Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services,mainly on the internet but also including mobile phones, display advertising and any other digital medium.It differs from traditional marketing in the sense that is uses multiple channels and methods that enable an organisation to analyse marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what is not, typically in real times . Now Digital Marketing can include emails,online advertisements,pay per clicks,text messages, bloggings, podcast media streaming etc.

But the reason for its rapid growth  is that it cut costs for a company.There is no requirements of loads of pamphlets,posters etc. As well as manpower required to distribute as well as printing process is also eliminated.With the help of Digital Marketing,campaigns for promoting any products through internet has become very cost effective and convenient.

In Digital Marketing,the advertiser easily comes to know how many times and how long the campaign had been shown on internet,how many people have seen this campaign,how many responses were received and how many purchases were made through online mode,with this fast end technology,marketing of any particular products become easier and the organisation makes huge profit.
One of the greatest perks of digital marketing is that, the advertiser can target their potential buyers without wasting time and efforts on others.

For ex. A person selling artificial jewelry can target girls/ females in required age group without worrying for extra expenditure on advertisements for other people.

The growing demands in DM has also generated employment opportunities for people specialized in this field.
Various social media platforms like twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc are used abundantly to generate mass campaigns to target potential customers. Google ad words provide platform for marketing on internet.Apart from cutting costs for the advertisers, Digital Marketing is also environment friendly in the sense that it has virtually eradicated the need of paper for pamphlets, posters etc. However, a big disadvantage of Digital Marketing for small/ domestic producers is tough competition from big/ international producers who can spend enormously on marketing and influence a large proportion of people over a vast area.But on the part of consumer,digital marketing has provided them opportunities to compare and buy best products for them.

Despite these advancements,Digital Marketing is fairly recent phenomenon and a lot more has to come in near future.

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